Block Paving Coventry

Block Paving Coventry, Block Paving is great choice for your driveway. The blocks themselves have plenty of grip and this is ideal for when it comes to winter. You won’t need to worry about the floor getting slippery as much and you won’t need to worry about the weight of your vehicle cracking the stones. Some people think about having paving stones in their driveway but this isn’t a practical choice. The stones can crack with ease if the right pressure is applied and in some instances they might even lift up so they will need replacing if this ever happens. Block paving however doesn’t present you with this problem and you will also find that it can support large vehicles as well. You could have a block pathway leading from your driveway to your home or you could have it connected to your patio with ease. Many people go for block paving because it comes in a huge range of different colours.

LH Fencing & Landscapes specialise in Block Paving Driveways Coventry. From the initial design to final construction your project is in safe hands.

We have over 20 years experience LH Fencing & Landscapes are able to provide full and comprehensive
quality paving in the Midlands, covering all aspects of paving and landscape gardening.

We have extensive knowledge of materials and processes to ensure your landscaping service is second to none and longevity is guaranteed. We can help transform your garden or landscape into something that not only looks good but serves a purpose. We understand that customers may need more car space on their driveway, or that gardens may need to have separate ‘zones’ and can advise you on how best to achieve this.

All our building, landscaping and driveway work is fully guaranteed and insured.
We don’t use outside contractors and we take great pride in our work.